Funky, Fun and Funny Father’s Day Finds

Traditional Father’s Day gifts include presents such as Slippers and Socks, gifts more suitable for your Grandad than your Dad. Unsurprisingly, these gifts can make men feel old. Show your dad how fun and young he is in your eyes by getting him a funky, fun and funny Father’s Day finds. This isn’t as difficult as you might think there are many quirky, funny gifts available online that are suitable for dads.

Most men like to think they have a superb sense of humour, so show him how much you appreciate it by getting him novelty or funny Father’s Day gifts. More importantly, novelty gifts are often highly reasonably priced, so he won’t be the only one that’s laughing! You can buy funny items that will make his day for under a fiver! Make him feel like a youngster again by getting him an old fashioned spud gun, or make his day by buying him a flying monkey with a cape! If your dad has always lectured you, saying that Money doesn’t grow on trees, prove him wrong by getting him a Money Does Grow on Trees gift. This is a plant that once grown will reveal a magic bean with the word ‘Money’ printed on it. This cheeky gift will definitely put you in the good books!

If your dad was in his teens or twenties in the 80s then why not bring him back to the days of his youth with 80s themed Father’s Day gifts. There is currently an 80s revival and as a result there are plenty of fun gifts available. A top 80s themed gift is a USB Whack it game. Most people will be aware of the game which has been very popular in arcades for many years. The aim of the game is to whack coloured heads that appear, with a funky 80s soundtrack playing in the background. This is an unbelievably fun present that will have him and his friends in stitches, all for an equally unbelievable low price.

If your dad always seems to be at work, get him Father’s Day gifts for the office to remind him of you and put a smile on his face. You can buy some mugs with a funny slogan for his mid morning coffee. I love deadlines and I love spreadsheets mugs are amongst our personal favourites. Alternatively you could get him something for his desk to cheer him up when work gets stressful, a desktop personalised calendar is ideal, you can even get this printed with the word ‘SuperDad’ on the front, for a really top dad.

You can still buy Father’s Day gifts that are both sentimental and fun. One of the best ways to get a really unique and touching gift is to buy a personalised item. This will make the gift seem particularly individual to him, and will show him you have put thought into the gift. For a cheap yet personal gift, get your dad a personalised Jelly mould. This great gift will liven up any party or meal. For a really meaningful gift get your dad a family portrait day. This gives the whole family a fun day out together and the memory can be captured in a beautiful portrait. This gift requires no stiff or awkward poses, or any boring backgrounds! The shoot is designed to be informal and fun so your family’s true character can shine through.

You can also take your dad on a fun experience day for two for a great bonding experience, plus it is a thoughtful Father’s Day present and a fun day out for you in one! There are plenty of fun and funky experiences to choose from. Be brave and try an adrenalin filled day and show everyone what daredevils you both are. You could try ice climbing, paintballing or the latest craze, Sphering. You and your dad will get strapped in a giant inflatable ball and get rolled down a hill. This wacky and daring sport is great fun and relatively cheap. Alternatively, you could try a sophisticated day of luxury with your dad. Treat him to a West End theatre and meal break or even Lunch for two in Paris. You could also try something fun and unusual like a chocolate making workshop or a water colour painting day with a professional artist.

Father’s Day gifts don’t have to be soppy or boring. There are plenty of Father’s Day gifts online that are fun, funky and funny that he will love. Make sure you move away from the well trodden path of conventional items and search for personalised items, experience days and quirky unusual gifts to put a massive smile on your dad’s face this Fathers Day.

Cheap Gay and Anal Toys for Sexual Satisfaction

Cheap gay and anal sex toys

Millions of people across the globe use sex toys to derive the pleasure that have eluded them so far for some reasons or other. Some of them may be single and do not have boy or girl friends or sex partners. Others in the same boat fear to visit the sex workers in the fear of the dreaded HIV AIDs and such other diseases. Then there are others who are somehow not deriving the pleasure despite having their sex partners either due to their own or the partner’s shortcomings. All these people take recourse to sex toys for relief, entertainment, and relaxation. However, the test of all of them is not normal. There are people who buy cheap gay and anal toys since that are the way they get or wish to get their sexual satisfaction.

Alternate sexual habits

It does not mean that people who buy cheap gay and anal toys come from only the current generation. In fact gay people have existed even in the ancient past. Even eminent personalities have been prey to such alternate sexual habits. In any case, this is a requirement for such people just as the normal sex toys are the requirements of the normal people. That is why you will find a host of such products in the market to day whether you surf online or visit the highway stores. People often prefer it online since they remain discrete and perform all the shopping sitting at the cool comforts of their residence. Moreover, they also find the sphere of choice much wider and prices cheaper in most cases online.

Multiple options are available

You have a couple of general options when you buy cheap gay and anal toys. Either you settle for the traditional or you opt for something that is out of the way. This does not mean that the traditional sex toys cannot be specialized. On the contrary many of them are specially built saddled with adventure kits for extraordinary sensations. Of course there are the traditional dildos, and other toys that you could use for your gay and anal purposes. However, even the traditional toys require some changes and modifications such as butt probes, anal beads and balls as well as the plugs and wands. These additions make your traditional gay and anal toys really effective.

Advantage of low prices

One good thing when you buy cheap gay and anal toys and they are traditional in nature is that they often come at prices lower than the specially built items. These traditional items are known to customers in the market and have its own customer base. Non-traditional items will take some time to catch the imagination of the average or potential customers and may be a bit expensive in comparison. Many people therefore still prefer the traditional gay and anal toys.

Popular cheap gay and anal sex toys

The most popular items when you buy cheap gay and anal toys include the vibrating anal toys, dildos used for gay sex, Masturbators, BDSM, bondage, and sensual gay toys. You can choose depending on your requirements and budget any one or more of them. Before you buy however make some homework to find out whether the provider is reliable. This will ensure the safety of your information and the quality of the product you buy.

How to Talk Dirty to My Boyfriend – What Exactly Should You Say?

Now that you have taken a deep breath and decided to talk dirty to your boyfriend, you may have doubts as to how you should go about it.

You have gained enough confidence to start dirty talking. But what exactly should you say? If this is your point of worry, relax. It’s as easy as pie.

Think About The things You Love to Do Together

Gather together your thoughts of all that you know about your partner. Somewhere inside, you know exactly what pushes his buttons. Mull over those things for a while. And about not just his tastes; take into account yours as well. Talking dirty works best when it’s about what both of you really enjoy together.

What does he really like to do? Where do you like to do it? Is there something special that he likes you to wear?

Think about the last time it got mind-blazingly hot between him and you. Now that you have a mental list of all the red hot stuff that gets your guy panting for more, make a plan. Practice a scene in your head. Not in any intense way, just make up a loose script.

Getting Started: What You Can Say

Now that you are mentally prepared, there are many ways to go about it depending on how you want to take it forward.

If you are a little shy, try starting it on the phone the first time. You could call him when he’s heading home, to ask him how his day was and then tell him, “You know, I’m lying naked in the tub thinking of you… Can you imagine me?” This is sure to give him a thrill because you are calling up an erotic visual image, quite unexpectedly, into his mind. It is going to get him thinking about what is going to unfold when he gets back home to you.

You could go on to ask him what he is thinking of. You could tell him how the water feels and how much better it would be if he were there too. You could ask him what he would like you to wear when you are finished with your bath.

Get Him Involved

The trick is to get him involved in the conversation so that his imagination is in overdrive. Men are not very imaginative creatures usually, and the sense of anticipation that will build over what he is visualizing will drive him crazy.

If you are not the shy type, use a more direct route. Set the mood; then tell him that you feel really dirty and need a bath.

“Don’t you want to get me out of this dress?”
“I want you to come with me and help me get clean for you.”
“Do you want to see me in some lacy lingerie when I come out?”
“Shall I wear that red thong that got you so excited last time?”
“Don’t you want to get me out of this dress?”

If you are uncomfortable with swear words, then by all means speak in plain English. If you enjoy using explicit words, then use them in moderation.

Say It Right!

It is not as much about what you say as it is about HOW you say it. Get saucy, put on your bedroom eyes and let your lust flow into your words.

Ask what he wants; how he wants it and when he replies, tell him how much you love it when he does this or that.

The possibilities of talking dirty to your boyfriend are endless. Getting it right depends only on knowing your personal preferences. Once you start on talking dirty, his reactions will be your best guide.

How To Have A Sex-Filled Weekend: Husband Tip #1

Husband, if things are a little tense or unhappy between you and your wife right now… Or, if everything seems to be ok but just not very sexual, then take a few days to turn things around and have yourself a sex-filled weekend. Here’s Tip #1…

Assuming that you are a normal man, you are a natural-born problem solver. You can use this skill to enhance your value and desirability to your wife.

Here’s what you do…think about a real problem that your wife has and solve it for her right away. Be THE solution to some problem that your wife has. Whatever the highest-ranking problem is that your wife has represents your OPPORTUNITY for a STEAMY weekend.

Sound too simple or absurd? Take a closer look…

Before your wife married you, she had a problem…she needed someone with whom she could share a meaningful long-term connection. Sure, she may have dated other men but for whatever reason that connection just wasn’t there with those other guys. But, when you came along, there it was – the connection, the chemistry, the appeal.

YOU solved her problem.

If you consider things in a broader context, when you are a solution-oriented person, people want to get closer to you. Often, they’ll even pursue after you because you represent greater success and enjoyment to them.

But now, I’m going to guess that it’s been a while since you conducted yourself as a solution to the problems that your wife has.

Today, let that change…

What “problems” does your wife have in terms of intimacy, affection, approval, and respect that you could be the “solution” for?

What “problems” does she have around the house such as something that needs to be put together, repaired, or removed that you could be the “solution” for?

What “problems” does she have with someone she knows – someone she cares about that needs something done for them that she’s not able to do – but that you could do and thereby be the “solution”?

So, put your mind to these questions and see what you come up with. If nothing comes to mind, then spend the rest of the day carefully listening to everything your wife says and spot yourself one key problem that represents an opportunity for you.

But, there is a catch. You actually have to DO SOMETHING TANGIBLE AND CONCRETE.

You CANNOT do what many men do…and that’s just listen to whatever your wife is complaining about and then spew a bunch of verbal advice at her so she can go solve her own problem. That only turns her off towards you because it reveals that you aren’t a solution-oriented person – you’re just an armchair advisor – and who needs one of those?

Rather, you must filter out all the “chaff” – those things she’s just venting about because she enjoys venting about them but they don’t really mean anything to her – and extract out those one or two things that really are important to her – AND THEN GO DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO SOLVE THAT PROBLEM FOR HER.

And, just so it’s clear, the word SOLVE means you COMPLETED whatever it is you’re doing for your wife and you did it in a way that represents the BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.

Bottom line, you don’t talk about it, you JUST DO IT!

Then, when she finds out what you’ve done for her, she’s going to take a closer look at you…in a more positive light. It’s kind of an odd thing but it’s nevertheless true; people are attracted to those who have solved a problem for them.

Copyright 2009, Article by Calle Zorro of Permission is granted to reprint this article ONLY if a resource box pointing to the following websites is included with it.

How can One become a Great Spouse

Here’s a list of a few traits that can change you from a good spouse to a great spouse:

* First and foremost in any relationship it is important to first believe in yourself because that will help you in believing your partner.

* Express love whenever possible – You might not like your spouse’s behaviour always, but let your mate know that your love is forever. Say I Love You whenever you can.

* Listen to your spouse and try to understand him / her – Your spouse might not always say things that please your ears but try to listen and understand his / her point of view.

Listening Tips –

* Your spouse expects honesty of opinions from you. So, don’t be phony in your praise or support of what your spouse has done or is considering doing in future to keep your matrimony Hassel free.

* Admit your mistake – Always be willing to apologize and at the same time ask for forgiveness. Also, forgive, as they say forgiveness is the biggest virtue.

* Communicate honestly to your life partner not only your thoughts but also your feelings.

Communication Tips –

* Keep your promises – Never make false promises to your partner. At least try to fulfill those promises that are in your capability.

* Be kind – Show respect, trust, appreciation, consideration and kindness whenever it is required. This way, your spouse will also show the same feeling towards you.

* Don’t fight – Try resolving past and present issues and handle conflicts in a healthy way.

* Give space – In a relationship, it is very important to give each other space and respect it too.

* Take care of things like:

• How you are spending your time and money and try to maintain a balance in professional and personal life

• Having fun together – To have a fun-filled married life, it is important for you and your life partner to have fun together. Make sure that you take time-out from your daily chores and watch a movie together, go out for dinner or go out for weekend holidays.

• Enjoying each other’s company – You should feel happy and content in each other’s company. In fact, you should not feel the need of a third person when you are together.

• Solving problems together – If ever there is a problem, try solving it together. Do discuss about your problems and issues with your spouse.

• Handling consequences of decisions made by you and your spouse – If a decision made by you or your spouse turned futile make sure that you handle its consequences together. Don’t just let your spouse suffer alone.

• Sharing the responsibilities of parenting and household chores – Always share the responsibility of your kids and households for a successful married life.

Also to become a great spouse, you need to be careful in the way you talk to each other. As any negative comment can hurt your life partner and thus hamper your matrimonial relationship with him / her.
Here’s what you should and what you should not say to your life partner:
Don’t ever use negative phrases like:

What did you do all day around here?
What is your problem?
I’m still thinking about it.
Give me a break.
You always…
What did you say, I don’t remember?
It’s all your fault!
I told you…
You’re just like your mother/father.
Why is it always my fault?
You never understand…
You don’t love me anymore.
You don’t listen to me.
My way is the only way… got it?
And what have you been up to?
I’m tired.
Forget it.
I don’t care.
Always use phrases like to make your spouse happy:
I love you.
That’s neat… great job!
Thanks for marrying me.
Let’s eat out tonight.
You look super.
I’m so glad we’re married.
I’ll help.
Our kids couldn’t ask for a better mom/dad.
Like a back rub?
Let’s do something fun together… a movie or a walk?
I need your help.
Are you feeling alright?
What you say matters a lot to your life partner. So, be careful in the way you talk to your life partner. At times, even small things said without thinking can hurt your spouse a lot.
These small things if taken care of can help you lead a happy married life.

Why Buy Cheap Dildos?

Buy cheap dildos

Pretty common question often raised by the people is what Dildo is and the factors to consider in buying one of them. In fact there is every reason for the customers to raise these questions. So many variations of sex toys are available in the market that it becomes extremely difficult to find out your best choice. Dildos are not any new innovation. They go back to the ancient times and have been in use by both men and women for deriving sexual pleasure. They are nothing complex but the replicas of men’s pennies and used for penetration. As usual, customer prefers to buy them and among the various forms available they prefer to buy cheap Dildos.

Traditional dildos

Traditional Dildos are nothing but like the solid human penis shaped objects. That does not mean that you can consider the handle of a hairbrush that takes similar shape or the cucumber as Dildo. They are not. Traditional Dildos could even go to the extent of having balls. These balls are also termed as “step children” by some. Dildos come in huge range of sizes and shapes. They can either be realistic or unrealistic. Similarly, they could either be artistic or modern in style. Even when you buy cheap Dildos you will find them to be smooth or lovingly bumpy. Some of them are ridged and others multicolored. The most fascinating thing is that some of the Dildos are even made of glass.

Modern dildos

Some of the Dildos used by people have the suction cups or handles. These are attached for positioning them in the most sex arousing way. They can be used in so many varieties of textures that it would be very difficult for you to find out the differences from the real cock unless you see them visually for yourself. If you are the first timer you will certainly blush at their feel for the first time. While you buy cheap Dildos you should also know that the traditional dildos are different from others. Characteristics of the traditional dildos are that they are solid in structure and there is no vibration. They do neither move nor dance or wiggle. You can only feel them in hand and use them in whichever way you wish to get pleasure.

Non-traditional dildos

Conversely while you buy cheap Dildos, you may prefer to buy the non traditional dildos. They are products of technological excellences. They also come with a lot of additional capabilities as they can rotate, jiggle, squirt or vibrate. They can thrust or wiggle and are fit to bring out the wilder self in you at ease. They are comparatively better than the traditional dildos in that they can really bring up animal pleasures and exotic feelings for you.

It is your choice

Whether you decide to go for the traditional dildo or the non traditional one is entirely your choice. When you opt to buy cheap Dildos you will find the traditional dildos comparatively inexpensive. However the non traditional and technologically advanced Dildos do not cost much either for you and you may not have many worries in this regard. Rather your concern could be the choice of type as you may be in two minds thinking which one to buy, the traditional one sided dildo or the non-traditional double sided dildo.

Dirty Talking – How to Get It Right Every Time

Dirty talking is a way to take a naughty part of your character and use it to bring some real excitement to a relationship that may be getting a little stale. If you think you are becoming bored, you can use dirty talking to make yourself seem quirky and unpredictable in a sexually attractive manner.

With dirty talking you can tease your partner into sexual readiness without even touching him. And then you make him wait for your touch until he can’t bear it anymore! The hungrier you are the better even ordinary food will taste. Do you wonder that sex gets so much more exciting when you dirty talk?

How Do You Use Dirty Talk?

– You can use dirty talk to flirt from a distance. Keep him on edge by giving him verbal sexual hints when he is busy with his normal routine.

– Use dirty talk when you are face to face to tease him to the point of readiness. Keep him hanging there for a while to drive him out of his mind!

– And of course, you can dirty talk right through sex, to heighten the intensity of a climax.

Get As Excited As He Does About Dirty Talk!

If you think that he is the only one who is going to enjoy dirty talking, think again! You are going to feel heady with the power that comes with being uninhibited and exciting.

He can turn you on and tease you and drive you wild with HIS dirty talk just as well as you can do it to him.

Dirty talking is a journey you have to set off on with your partner. Unless you can communicate enough to figure out each others likes and dislikes as you go along, it will not take you anywhere. But if you try it out, you will realize that it can help to form a powerful bond of trust and become an exciting avenue for expressing hidden feelings. If you feel satisfied in your sex life, then everything else in your life automatically looks better.

Dos and Don’ts for Dirty Talking:

– Make sure you dirty talk only when you are in the mood for it. It is not something that will turn out well if you are forced or feeling uncomfortable.

– Even if you and your lover love to dirty talk, be cautious of topics that may not only be turn offs, but also cause resentment and jealousy.

– He has no way of knowing what’s in your head unless you tell him. Before you tell him your wildest fantasy, be sure it will not make him insecure.

– Words can sometimes cruelly hurt; so if you are in doubt, simply don’t!

– Do use safe topics like erotic compliments; descriptions of what you want; how you feel; or how sexy he looks to start with.

– You can use more explicit words and more adventurous themes as you gain in experience.

Dirty talk can spice up the most mundane sex; you just have to figure out how to get it right. There is no one right way that fits everybody. If the comfort level between you and your partner is high, you are sure to go ahead without much trouble. You have to set the pace and momentum of your own personal journey.

Going to Exclusive Events with Sexy Liverpool Escorts

How many times have you been invited to an elite event? And how many times have you turned it down? If you’ve already said no to engagements like this for far too many times, there could only be one reason – you don’t have a fitting companion or date to these events. Going to the special functions in Liverpool requires more than your charisma. You also need the company of a beautiful girl who knows her way around parties like these. The next time your boss needs you to attend such gatherings, don’t turn it down. Don’t lose that hard-earned promotion over petty things. Instead, hire Liverpool escorts who can be your date for the night.

You’ll be glad to know that the escorts in Liverpool can do more than just be your official companion. These girls can provide personal entertainment and pleasure for you too. And that’s something you can look forward to, after spending long hours with socialites that you can’t even bear to be in the same room with.

Liverpool Female Escorts on Social Gatherings

Being single doesn’t mean you can’t associate yourself with the high and mighty members of the society, who thinks that all single men aren’t stable. With beautiful Liverpool escort girls on your side, it is easy to get these big men’s approval.

The elite Liverpool escorts are the best companions to these events because they are at ease with these types of people. The girls can talk to the rest of the men while you do what you have to do, like close a deal or something. And after the event, your escort girl will give you her full, undivided attention. That’s also when you are supposed to get the most out of her. It’s your challenge to extract pleasure from the meeting like a real man would.

Take the lady to a hotel, to your place, or to her apartment. Enjoy a night of intimate pleasure with your escort. The night you had detested so much could turn out to be the most satisfying event that you have experienced in your entire career. The Liverpool escort girls can make you the man of the hour, both among your colleagues and in a more personal note.

On Choosing the Right Escort Girl

How would you know if the Liverpool escort is perfect for you? It’s fairly simple. Try her out. Date her once, see how she behaves, and get to know her a little deeper. There are many girls in the website of the Liverpool escort agency. You’re free to choose the girl who could be the most desirable companion ever.

Take time in reading their profiles and descriptions as well. These ladies carefully describe their services, physical features, talents, and abilities so that you can choose the perfect one among them. The Liverpool female escorts from a reputable escort agency are deemed to be honest about what they write about themselves. If they don’t pass your satisfaction requirements, you can always say it on the feedback system that is also maintained by the agency.

Hiring these girls is really a win-win situation for you. The Liverpool escorts are the best companions ever – they are perfect for social gatherings and personal, intimate meetings. What more can you ever ask for?

Vibrating panties – Urban Legend?

For a unique erotic novelty idea, pick up a pair of vibrating panties. A message to the men out there – vibrating panties are a great erotic gift to give your girlfriend, she will remember it forever and be hot and ready for you whenever she wears her new vibrating thong! While “tickling panties” sound more like the domain of locker-room jokes and dirty limericks, they do in fact exist and can get you into all kinds of naughty and interesting situations. It’s fun for some couples – in a public place – for the girl to wear the remote control vibrator and give the controller to the boyfriend, spouse, significant other, etc. The whole control factor is supposed to be a turn-on, especially for men. View below to see our exclusive selection of Vibrating Panties Stimulators.


Sexy pink polka-dot panties with tiny ribbons running down the front. A wireless Bullet using 3 G13-A watch batteries slides into the discreet pouch on the panties so they can be worn anywhere. These panties are comfortable and stretchy so the one size fits most.


These are, hands down, the greatest panties you’ll ever own. In fact, you’ll love this vibrating underwear so much that you may want to pick up a few pairs so you always have a clean pair available! Use the remote control up to 15 ft. away to control the stimulating vibrations. Bet your other undies aren’t giving you orgasms! One size fits most.

There’s an animal in your pants! Slip into this super-comfortable, stretch-to-fit most, extremely flattering Brazilian thong. The pre-shrunk soft cotton panty with a Lycra back is washable and has a discreet pocket to hold the removable stimulator. The stimulator requires two AAA size batteries. A remote controller allows you to enjoy the pleasure anywhere you go. The controller requires one 12V battery. The batteries are included for your convenience. Let your lover or even close friend, control when and where your panties will go wild on you!

This newly designed adjustable zebra thong has an inner penis pocket for the remote control egg. The soft rubber coted 1.875″ x 1.25″ egg is waterproof and may be used independently. The rubber penis pocket is 3″ x 1.5″ and has a solid head for additional pleasure. The sexy zebra velour lined ring-thong panty is comfortable, adjustable and one size fits most. The push button remote control provides 7 hypersonic functions of vibrations, pulsation and escalation for quiet, powerful, and discreet hands-free action. The remote has a 15-foot range and a handy corded clip that attaches anywhere. Two sets of 1.5V and 12V batteries are included for your convenience. This is discreet fun for you and your partner so explore the unlimited possibilities…only you will know the secret!

The three different speeds for the Easy Touch Remote Control are pulsation low, pulsation high, and vibration. The comfortable lustrous ruby red vinyl thong has stretch-to-fit elastic straps (one size fits most). The powerful pulsating and vibrating bullet is perfectly placed over the clitoral area for maximum stimulation. There are hidden pockets for the bullet and the bullet’s power pak. For your convenience, the batteries are provided so step out on the town tonight for a quiet, powerful, and discreet fun time!

Interpret a Guy’s Body Language to Determine His Interest

There is one simple and plain fact that you should be aware of: in case a guy has personal interest in you, there will be some indicative signs. It is hence important for you to know how you can read the signs and determine the naked truth. One of the best methods that you can use to determine a guy’s interest is by studying his body language.

This is not some strange concept, but simply means the things that his body will show you from the way he behaves in general. This concerns every movement that the guy will take, which will help to reveal how he truly feels whether he is aware of it or not. This is due to the fact that the human body normally tends to react as per our various reflexes.

Although no two people will behave in exactly the same way, there are some general indicators that will help you to determine a particular guy’s interest. Let us take a look at the general guidelines you can use to read his body language.

Watch his facial reaction

When it comes to body language, the face plays a very key role. In many cases, what someone feels is normally displayed on the face first of all. In case the guy’s face betrays some signs of shyness, this is an indication that he has some interest in you.

There are a number of things you should take into consideration in order for you to reach the correct conclusion by reading the guy’s face. How does he look at you? His confidence will show through in case he faces you directly, which means that he believes in his ability to make a successful approach. On the other hand, in case the guy seems to focus on other things during your conversations, there are a number of possible reasons. His lack of self confidence may be making him nervous, but this happens because he is interested in you. Alternatively, he may be avoiding direct eye contact with you in a bid to hide his dishonesty. This is particularly the case if he shifts his entire face away from you. Although a nervous guy who is interested in you will avoid eye contact, his face will never the less be directed towards you.

In addition to making eye contact, an interested guy who is confident will watch your mouth as you speak. This is essentially in order to get every word that you say so as not to miss anything. However, if he is afraid to make his approach, he will avoid eye contact but will still face you.

Check his hand movements

Although the face is very important when it comes to reading body language, men are aware of this fact too. So some have perfected the art of hiding what their faces can tell you. If you draw a blank from his face, watch his hands instead. A variety of hand movements will reveal different things. For instance tapping ones fingers will tend to indicate boredom. While touching the nose gives an indication of lying, touching the chin shows the passing of judgment.


A guy’s general posture will reveal to you more than just his interest. For example, although he is interested in you, if he stands with the hands akimbo, it shows that he looks down on you, which is not a good sign.

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