Best Options to Enlarge your Precious Sexual Jewel

Each time has been increasing consultation of men who think their penis is very small. The vast majority of them have normal penises, but by insisting that some physicians are able to make him a penile lengthening surgery. It’s good to clarify some points:

1. The satisfaction that a woman does not depend on the length of the penis

2. Elongation which can be obtained from the penis is generally 1 to 2 cm. only, which does not change its appearance in a major way.

3. The increase occurred for the surgery, it is only in flaccidity, but erect Retains the same length as before.

4. There is a “democracy in the erection” which means that most of the erect penis does not matter the race or the size in flaccidity, have the same length in erection.

5. the most important thing for meeting women is the rigidity, which is not achieved with cosmetic surgery

6. Some of the surgeries can lower the erection, because the cut suspensor ligament of the penis.

What is the best way to enlarge your penis?

Since the beginning of time men have sought ways to make your penis larger. The first method was used to hold primitive pesos. While this may have worked to make it longer, there were some problems associated with this practice. Not only do the penis thinner, but will also reduce the sensitivity. In fact, many “hangers” were powerless.
So what is really the best way to enlarge your penis?
To begin with, the method has to be clinically proven to work. And you should be safe. Although surgery is shown that it is far from secure. Many men have been permanently damaged by this risky procedure, although progress has been made in modern surgical techniques.

The Technique of Exercises

While this technique can be effective, it requires time and dedication to see the results of years of expansion. However, for individual motivation that this can be very profitable to enlarge the penis. Just be sure to do your research, as some exercise programs are better than others. Just be sure to do your research, as some exercise programs are better than others.

Rise of the Penis Pills

We have seen that these pills can be very effective in improving basic conditions of the penis as the size and volume. We had access to a multitude of testimonials from men who decided to try this type of product and are genuinely excited about the new size of his penis. Normally it is recommended to take between 1 or 2 pills depending on the manufacturer and product.

Pills to Increase the Volume of Semen

These pills work by increasing blood flow on the chambers and spongy, which absorb the blood when the penis is erect in the state, in addition to providing important nutrients that improve the quality of sperm. The latter will notice it after a few weeks of treatment, as their semen will become much whiter and will have a better and healthier aspect.

Oils, creams, rafts for the erection

Thanks to recent discoveries in herbal technology have discovered some powerful gels, creams or oils your presentation is very diverse, with the results that improves and maintain erections stronger and more durable. The best of these products is that they are 100% natural and without any side effect. A few drops of these gels applied directly into the penis through a massage mild enough to get stronger erections.

The Increase caused by Surgery

The increase occurred for the surgery, it is only in flaccidity, but erect retains the same length as before. There is a “democracy in the erection” which means that most of the erect penis does not matter the race or the size in flaccidity, have the same length in erection.
The most important thing for meeting women is the rigidity, which is not achieved with cosmetic surgery
some of the surgeries can lower the erection, because the cut suspensor ligament of the penis.

How Does Testosterone Therapy Improve Sexual Performance in Men?

Adolescence is the age of vigor and vitality, when body is at full bloom complete with energy. But as a person ages, the body starts to lose its true capacity and power. Many changes in the body take place, one of which is the fall in testosterone hormone level. This deficiency is mostly seen in men as they mature. Decrease in testosterone level leads to many problems, but the most vivid and noticeable is related to sexuality; including decreased libido and frail erections.

Men are desperate to know how they can increase testosterone, for they want to save their sex life from being crippled. By increasing the level of testosterone, men are able to revive their lost strength and perform sexually well again. Women, also have a desire to increase testosterone level since they also naturally produce this hormone in their bodies. This article tells you what testosterone is and what wonders it can create to boost your sex life.

The motive behind most men and women wanting to increase testosterone level is to extend their sex life so they can also take sexual pleasure even during the later years of their life.
Low testosterone happens among the middle-aged women as well as men; typically, starting at age 40. The testosterone hormone is responsible in maintaining many of the things,
among which sperm production, sex drive and libido enhancement are apparent.

If you are a man or woman aged above 40, and you are experiencing an abnormally decreased sex drive then you may be suffering from testosterone deficiency. This means you should consult your physician and discuss the symptoms, get your steroid hormone levels tested and ask them what exactly you should do. If all medical conditions found favorable and your physician recommends you to get testosterone therapy than you should better consider it for the sake of your physical fitness and sex needs.

Testosterone replacement therapy is the process to increase testosterone levels in your body. This therapy may be given in the form of patches, gels, injections, or it may be a simple diet and lifestyle plan given by your physician to save your body from testosterone deficiency. With testosterone replacement therapy, it is possible to lessen or even get rid of
several sexual problems in both men and women.

According to the recent medical studies, Testosterone replacement therapy can also increase sex drive in men having normal testosterone levels but low libido. However, studies are still in progress regarding this matter to check the side-effects it may cause.
How Does Testosterone Therapy Improve Sexual performance in Men?

In men, hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency is a state in which the testes produce a reduced amount of testosterone. With this deficiency, men face a reduction in their sexual arousal and performance. In such conditions, Testosterone replacement therapy is suggested for men facing acute sexual dysfunctional and impotency problems.

After receiving the therapy, many men have reported that they feel sexier, healthier, energetic and physically more powerful. This therapy is all about restoring hormones up to a point where men can feel at peak of their puberty. Testosterone therapy can not only stop but also undo the physical weakness that may deprive men of their strength and libido. Testosterone therapy can bring back the healthy sexual pleasure and desire among men, resulting in successful sexual performance in bed.

How Does Testosterone Therapy Improve Sexual Performance in Women?
Testosterone hormone adds to healthy sexual function in women, but not up to the extent to which it works for men. Menopause and aging may contribute to testosterone deficiency in women, causing a change in woman’s sexual desire and execution.
These hormones can be replaced and balanced through Testosterone replacement therapy. When a woman chooses to raise her levels of testosterone through therapy, she also neutralizes some of the defensive qualities of testosterone therapy. It also decreases the risk of heart disease among women.

If you are facing problems regarding your sexual performance and want to learn free from physicians about testosterone and how the therapy works, contact us instantly at LA Health and Rejuvenation center.

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These are only few of the many places in London where you can find delicious mates to spend your times with. So, why wait for?? Pick up your phone, may be a fairy is waiting to transfer you to a world of sublime bliss.

Sexual Disorder

I’m sure it is no surprise that more American women (43%, about 40 million) than men (31%) experience some form of sexual disorder. This statistic may be a result of a lack of sexual education that stems back to early civilizations when women believed that sex was not to be enjoyed and only had two purposes: reproduction and pleasuring their man. Obviously that has changed, but there have been some lingering stigmas that continue to haunt our bedrooms today. Getting past these stigmas should be the first order of business to improving our sex lives and how we do that is with education. Approximately 20% of women with female sexual dysfunction suffer from arousal disorder characterized by either a failure of vaginal engorgement/lubrication or an altered appraisal of arousal, and it has been suggested that treatments of female arousal disorder represent a market of similar size to that of erectile dysfunction. As you can see from above, women are not alone. Thirty-one percent of men suffering from some form of sexual issue are not a small amount. And men have to deal with stigmas of their own.

Couples have an advantage when attempting practical solutions to the many issues that can be perceived as sexual dysfunction. Listening to your body and being in tune with your partners’ body is crucial. If you are feeling that there is an issue with you or your partner sexually, you are probably right… It is very important not to ignore signals that your body may be giving you. Like if you are experiencing pain during sex, your body shuts down when attempting intercourse, you’re leaving sexual encounters feeling unfulfilled, or you are still wondering what your friends are talking about while bragging about this intense pleasurable explosion during sex. Of course being open and honest with one another highly contributes to your sexual connectedness.

Solution 1: Before attempting anything on your own you should seek professional help. Get checked out by a physician, it couldn’t hurt- did you know that the very common urinary tract infection (UTI) can effect your arousal? In fact any illness can result in diminished libido.

Solution 2: Engage in intimate activities with one another such as bathing together. Washing each others bodies with soap and water can be very healing and enjoyable while it always helps sexual confidence when you are both feeling clean.

Solution 3: A therapist can help you to reconnect with your partner through a series of exercises called Sensate Focus, originally developed by Masters and Johnson to relieve couples anxiety about sexual intercourse. Couple’s can do this at home by taking turns touching each other on non-sexual areas of the body like the hands and face and focusing on the awareness of tactile sensations while touching or being touched.

Solution 4: Learning about how the sexual organs function can promote a healthy positive attitude towards sex. Doing regular Kegel exercises can help a woman to strengthen her support muscles in her genitals and make her more orgasmic. Men can also strengthen their support muscles in their genitals to give them more endurance during intercourse.

Solution 5: Take care of your body by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables; drink plenty of water and exercise! A healthy body makes for a healthy sex life!

Solution 6: Communicate your wants, needs, desires, and fears to your partner. One way is to share a romantic or sexual fantasy. Take turns closing your eyes and imagine yourself in the most sexually exciting situation you can think of. Work your way up to build excitement. It can start with something like “The warm sun is beating down on my naked body as I walk on a sandy beach …” finish the story. Never be afraid to share your fantasies with the one you love and what ever you do, do not judge your partner.

Above are some solutions for couples that can easily be accomplished with an open mind and heart. Remember “if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got,” so be willing to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Australia’s most exclusive dating agency for executives and successful business people

Australia is a largely spread country where it is always difficult for a single man or woman to find a perfect match for them. There is no such practice for the singles to mingle with their other counter parts to establish the relationship. Everyone needs someone to care for, to live with forever, marriage bureau brought an idea of trying to match the twosome to agree them to get married but that concept did not last long. The need to find a perfect partner was eternally growing and so as to overcome this problem, with the innovative means of technology like internet, online dating came to an existence. This used to be the most brilliant concept people have ever come across and that clicked in a big way by the most people. Many online dating agencies and dating services come up to offer various ideas to find a better match with their effective dating tips and much required guidance. So far this is an ultimate way to seek the love mate for regular singles. The major advantage in online dating Australia that you can see the chatting partner at the other end, live and movable, it offers you a chance to know your partner better. The sound understandings between the twosomes are very necessary to avoid any conflicts in life in future. Both the singles can see each other’s physically and decide whether then can continue to make a good pair. It is always advised that you must have a clear intention before you enter the world of dating. If you are not serious into the relationship, choose the options available for flirting or just chatting to develop social contacts or to show your interest in cyber sex and related erotic chat to get the temporary entertainment to satisfy their physical hunger.
There is a class of people who are career oriented and due to the excessive work load or their extra busy working schedule; they are hardly able to spare time to find a suitable partner for themselves. They could be anything from the managers or the top executives or travelling sales persons or business community, they really have to no time to mingle with the other singles into the society as most of them do not know how to find the right life partner. This is an eternally rising problem and it was the big question how to overcome this. Online dating agencies have found the suitable solution especially for them. Some popular dating agency like Elite Introduction stepped forward with an exclusive idea for the executives. They have introduced a special package of dating to cater the need of the top executives to find a perfect love mate for them from the same community that understands them with the better maturity. They are offering right dating tips for men and women to find the desired match faster. They also compile an attractive profile of each individual obtaining in-depth details and facts from them along with their recent picture and place them on the right dating site to attract more and more potential partners interesting into that profile, if they think that the profiles matches with their criteria of a perfect life partner, they contact each other, develop the relationship and then enters into the marital institutions after knowing each other well. This type of exclusive dating agencies are not offering their services for free but they charge reasonable as they intend to extend their help to a particular class of the society who want something exclusive.

Talking Dirty – A Loving Relationship Makes It Easier!

If you are deeply in love with your partner and loved in return, you have cause to celebrate. You have a good thing going for you. So if you want to try dirty talking to spice up your love relationship, you will find it easier than you think.

You want to use dirty talk to excite your partner, but are you worried about how it will work out? If you have love in your relationship, then you will have tolerance and acceptance as well. This is what makes dirty talking easier to introduce for you.

Love and intimacy are great partners for dirty talk:

The intimacy you develop with another person depends on the levels of communication and acceptance between the two of you.

Loving partners generally tend to confide more in each other because they trust each other. You probably know your partner much better than you think. So if you have been tempted to dirty talk, it may be because it is an idea whose time has come.

Furthering your relationship with dirty talk:

Dirty talk can indeed be a terrific way to deepen the elements of trust and honesty in a relationship.

You have to be open and adventurous to dirty talk. You learn to experiment and be spontaneous when you widen your horizons. None of these things can be anything but good for long term relationship building.

Getting it right when you dirty talk:

* If you have never tried dirty talking before, you have two options. You could either ask him gently when you get a chance, or surprise him one day when you really feel like dirty talking.

* If you do not like the idea of having a planned session or feel too shy to ask him, then find ways and means of sneaking dirty talking on to your lover.

* Reminiscing about a past session of love making with him that still turns you on, is a wonderful way to start. Telling him how and why you loved it will be great for his ego. He will be extremely flattered to know you still remember the details.

* Revisiting your past sensual moments together will also strengthen your bonds as a couple. This is an easy way to get him to join you while you talk.

* Involving your partner in dirty talking; meaning getting him not only to reply to your answers but also to ask questions of his own, will make it easier to get into the groove and send the excitement quotient soaring!

* Encourage him while love making using dirty talk. Inciting and inflaming him, while he is hard at it, with your words and sounds will make it intensely pleasurable for him.

* Once you have got it going, let your language flow. It is difficult to sound raunchy and sexy if you are stumbling over words. Use what ever language you are comfortable with.

* Whether it is plain vanilla or crude language, you succeed only when you make it sound sexy when you dirty talk. So let your voice purr sexily and let your body language accentuate your talk.

Remember, it is your love for him and your desire to keep that love strong that should be your guide in all matters. Sex is an important part of intimacy. Dirty talking is a way to taking that intimacy to new heights. Your love for him will just make it easier to handle.

Foreplay Tips – The Best Ways to Make Her Hot And Bothered, Instanty!

Any man that cannot master foreplay will never be a superb lover for any woman. You can be the master in the master bedroom for your woman or you can be the one that every woman wants over and over because you are just that good. However, to get to this point you need to know about these foreplay tips because without them you will be one of the majority that cannot perform well in bed.

I know you are thinking that you don’t have any issues because either your woman has spared your feelings or you have too much male pride to believe you are not good in bed. However, let me tell you that if you could be timed on a stop watch or you are not the type to get finished and notice that you just spent at the minimum of an hour making love, then you are doing something wrong.

I am not saying you need to be pumping hard for a good hour, but the entire act should take at least that long. One of the things that women absolutely love is the timelessness of love making. This means that they can lose track of time and the rest of the world does not matter. The only thing that matters is you and her and what you are in the process of doing.

Now onto the foreplay tips that you must know if you want your woman to be pleased enough to crave you on a regular basis.

First, and this is one of the very important foreplay tips that usually gets skipped, you have to know when foreplay starts. Most will think that it starts whenever you both start touching each other in one way or another, but these men would be dead wrong. Women require foreplay that goes on for days sometimes before they are ready to give you themselves. Foreplay starts right now and right after you finish making love.

I am sure this is confusing, but it will make sense in a minute. When she asks you to do something small like pick up the dry cleaning and you not only do that, but you also pick her up some flowers, this is foreplay. When you are both getting ready for work in the morning and you pass her in the kitchen, give her a nice hug from behind and a hot little breath right on the back of her neck. This will pay off later when you both get home.

It is little things like this that start the foreplay and not taking her shirt off or making out with her. You could also leave her a little sexy note that she finds during the day or send her a bit of a dirty text message for her to discover at lunch. These are all great forms of foreplay and she will be getting hotter and hotter all day if you do this correctly.

The next one of the foreplay tips is probably my favorite. This is the one of the foreplay tips that allows you to get a little revenge on any woman that was ever the tease to you. You get to become the tease and this will take some self control on your part. Once you are in the bedroom you need to slow things down from the normal and take a lot of time to really be into her.

Instead of just ripping her clothes off you should start to feel under her shirt a little and above it. Kiss her neck, collar bone, down her spine, all over her stomach, her inner thighs, and everywhere except her nipples and her vagina. This wil drive her absolutely wild. Take it step by step and remove the clothing very slowly while you tease her endlessly.

She will be so hot and bothered by the time you get down to intercourse that she might have an orgasm within a couple of minutes. The foreplay that is actually physical should last at a minimum of 15 minutes depending on how long it has been for her and what the situation is. If you show her that you are so interested in pleasing her that you are willing to take all the time in the world to make it happen, then she will return the favor and go to great lengths to give you what you desire.

What Everyone Should Know About Staying Safe And Enjoying Online Social Networks

The rapid rise and huge success of such social networking websites as MySpace, Friendster and Facebook has come at some social, and much individual, grief. Stories of manipulation, harassment and predatory sexual behavior increased just as fast as the virtual “populations” of these sites, which is estimated to total over 100 million people – in the U.S. alone.

These numbers (Facebook has 35 million members in North America) are hard to imagine at times, whereas the psychological and criminal games that some people play are not. They are the same things people have been doing to one another since the dawn of recorded history. Only the environment has changed. And it’s when one environment (the virtual electronic one) begins to invade another (the physical, personal one) that trouble can arise.

Executives and managers at MySpace, Facebook and the other “socialnets” have been working against fraud and predation since the very beginning. They all have codes of conduct, rules of behavior, complaint procedures and online monitors to ensure a safe, positive networking experience. There are proposed laws, on the federal and state levels, to criminalize online harassment and other acts, but the best response to the dangers of the socialnets is a personal one. There is no one better prepared or equipped to protect yourself and your family members than you.

Online safety basics
Besides not giving out your personal information to anyone, ever, you should sign up for socialnets with a secondary (“extra” or “special”) email account from one of the free providers like Gmail, Hotmail or AOL. It is a great deal harder to track someone with a webmail address than someone using a work/business address or a personal one from a high-profile provider.

This caution should extend even to what you disclose about your activities, even when using a fake name. If you start giving out your location, phone number, school or business name, etc., you are providing stalkers and predators clue after clue to your whereabouts and your identity. You might think twice about what pictures you post, too. It is inconceivable that some young people are posting sexually charged photos on socialnet pages that have clues to their identity, but it happens still.

Children and adults
If you are a legal adult, you can choose to release as much personal info as you wish, but you would be well advised to be careful, of course. If you are a parent of a pre-teen, you would of course need to monitor your child’s activities online, and therefore you need to become even more familiar with email filters, online access restrictions, passwords and other software tools. In addition to limiting time on certain sites, you can also use various electronic gadgets to control access to the computer as a whole.

Of course, making existing and popular sites safer for children seems to be a losing proposition, as much of the allure of these socialnets for adults from 18 to 80 is their daring, even “salacious” character. In response to this trend, a number of “kid safe” socialnets have been developed and launched – and were two of the first – that have been built from the ground up for kids, usually 8 to 15 years of age. Since there is a great difference between the two age extremes, the site and its features are completely customizable by parents and can be tailored to a child’s age as well as personality.

Common sense is best
For adults, taking risks comes with the territory, and some personalities can take more than others. Be realistic about your own personality, and the degree to which you can take being flamed, insulted, propositioned or yelled at (IN ALL CAPS!). Some online socialnet veterans like the excitement and fast pace of chat rooms, even unmonitored ones, while others prefer a more sedate and predictable online experience. You are free to choose your own type of online attitude, but do remember that “what goes around comes around,” and that there is a good reason that all cultures develop standards of appropriate behavior.

For children, there are no decisions to make, only adult ones to influence. Well-behaved 10-year-olds doing well at school, helping out at home and leading as responsible a life as possible for their age will probably get some input as to how their social networking life will play out. There are a sufficient number of controls to make any parent feel fairly safe. However, the greatest safety lies in the relationship that parents have with their children. Talk to them honestly, preferably after you make sure you’re using the lingo correctly, in case you are not entirely web-savvy yourself.

At whatever age, using common sense and appropriate precautions is the name of the game. Spend some “Google time” searching for and reading up on netiquette and online behavior if you do not know exactly what to expect. Talk to friends, family and coworkers about their experiences with socialnets and online activity in general, and be forthcoming about your concerns. Young or old or in between, openness and honesty will pay off handsomely when it comes time to discuss what everyone should know about staying safe and enjoying online social networks.

Why Women Often Buy Cheap Vibrators?

Vibration is as stimulating as penetration

Many people have a wrong notion that women get satisfaction only through penetration. Contrary to such popular belief many women find better satisfaction with vibrations. They find easier to achieve their orgasm using sex toys like vibrators. As usual with most articles and especially sex toys, they prefer to buy cheap vibrators for multiple reasons. One reason is many of them cannot afford to pay for the costlier alternatives. On the other hand they also gain several advantages like ease of replacement without much expense and no fear of accidental damages caused to costly items.
Vibrators most popular

Manufacturers often come up with a fascinating range of products. Especially if such manufacturers are conversant with the trick of the trade they can come up with the real attractive offers and products. It is well known that women are choosier in comparison to their male counterparts in buying anything and the principle also applies when they buy cheap vibrators. It however goes without saying that they prefer vibrators to many other cheaper sex toys. The reason is that this is the ultimate in the world of artificial sex. Those who have explored the pleasure of using vibrators to the optimum think that there is nothing else left for them to try.

Why cheap vibrators?

As their anatomy and physical requirements vary largely, the feelings and preferences of women also vary quite constantly. Some women prefer extreme vibration while others may prefer something like the G-spot orgasm. The best provider will always try to fulfill the requirements of all their customers. So far as the budget is concerned the provider must have a range of very good, efficient, attractive yet cheap vibrators. When it comes to customer preference, it is often seen that the women have opted to buy cheap vibrators rather than the expensive ones. There are also sufficient reasons for their choice.

Opting for the change

There is no dearth of such people, and many of them are women, who distaste routine affairs. It is unlikely that such people will continue to prefer one type of sex toys for long despite it giving them the highest satisfaction and pleasure. They will change the toy for the sake of change alone. Such customers will always buy cheap vibrators. The first reason is that it will not hurt them financially when the change them either for another vibrator, a costlier item, or any other sex toy. The second reason is that they will be under no tension of careful use or protection of such cheap commodities and will have no fear of losing or damaging them either.

Evolution of vibrators

How the vibrators came up? If you take a peep into the history you will find that in the 19th century women with unsatisfied sexual urge were often trying getting satisfaction with manual massage to get orgasm.

However, the process of manual massages had their own shortcomings. Usually the manual massage consumed a long time and this led to the invention of the first vibrator machine in the late 19th century. Since then the vibrators have become one of the most favorite sex toys for women and it has also evolved from the mediocre to sublime. Now the customer knows that with so much improvement in technologies they are going to get their money’s worth even if the buy cheap vibrators only.

Get Your 3D Leg Over!

Ever since the internet brought sex online, technology has been at the forefront in expanding this market into new areas. The sex industry has always expanded with new developments in technology, as demonstrated when they were the first to heavily invest in webcams to bring their one-on-one peep shows to a world wide audience. Online anything goes, and it seems that the weird and wonderful world of internet titillation has now climaxed with the birth of 3D Animated Sex.

There are thousands of online sites dedicated to bringing 3D animated sex to people. It’s rise in popularity shows that the technological advances in 3D design is making people spend their money and their time in exploring this new world. The 3D Cyber Sex community are currently presented with a variety of different sites that offer a range of different delights. There are the cheap looking ones that simply show clips of 3D animated people performing sexual acts. But the more popular sites are those where the world of gaming has been added into the cyber sex industry. And the game indirectly responsible for steering the sex industry in a new 3D direction is the classic game The Sims.

This game is a life simulation which mirrors daily activities of one or more virtual people in a virtual suburban household. The objective of the game is to encourage the player to make choices and engage in a fully interactive environment. Although this might seem like an odd way to spend your time, The Sims has sold more than 16 million copies worldwide since 2002, and has been nominated for numerous gaming awards. 3D Animated Sex have taken this success story and added a little spice to the mix.

A new generation of adult social games has emerged that bring multiple users together in sexual environments. Examples include Red Light Centre and Playboy: The Mansion. These are explicit adult 3D games which use sexual scenarios as their lure. However, although such explicit animated sex games have big financial backers, there are more popular 3D games which people are being drawn to.
The first of these are the amateur games in Flash or Java, where amateur designers are creating and distributing adult text adventure games known as “Adult Interactive Fiction.” The Internet has allowed such adult games to receive wider availability and recognition, and of course, allow the makers to make lots of money.
The second kind of 3D animated sex online is found in those worlds that are made up almost entirely of player-made content, and which has a host of adult entertainment features including nudity and full on sexual scenarios. Games such as Second Life and World of Warcraft are two popular examples of this new form of 3D animated sex. The hybrid between the sexual dimension and the proven popularity of the virtual game world is proving to be a huge hit with online users seeking sexual thrills.
As early as the ATARI 2600 with console games such as Custer’s Revenge, sex has proven to be an irresistible attraction. When PC’S came along the sexual dimension in gaming was adult text adventures, which with technological advances in 3D design became graphical adventures. One of the most popular and mainstream game series was Leisure Suit Larry. Although CD-ROM and multimedia based games arrived in the 1990’s, most adult games featured video clips with limited interactivity. But the speed of advances in 3D Design has seen a wave of companies taking advantage of people’s desire for more sex in a virtual environment.
Although modern console publishers such as Sony have an internal censorship policy, the Xbox and GameCube don’t, allowing sex to infiltrate unnoticed into the mainstream. But it’s not just in console gaming where 3D Animated sex can be found. A British-Norwegian film is taking CGI and are introducing the world’s first 3D digitally animated sex scene.
The film makers have taken the world of CGI and imbued it with drugs, fecklessness, and swearing. The film is called Free Jimmy, and is probably not for the kids. It centres around a stoned circus elephant called Jimmy who is given uppers and downers by his evil Russian ringmaster. He also has heroin stored in him and becomes the target of deranged animal activists, thuggish Lapp mafiosi and trigger-happy Scottish hunters.
Adult animation is nothing new. From Fritz the Cat in 1972 (“He’s X-rated and he’s animated!”) through to the South Park movie and 2004’s foul-mouthed marionettes in Team America: World Police (“Putting the F back in Freedom”), animated sex has a long and colourful history.
With established companies such as 3D Fatwax Design in the UK pushing the boundaries of 3D Design, it’s not surprising to find other entrepreneurs with specialist 3D Skills using the medium to sell sex using the same technology.
And so we’ve reached a point where 3D animated sex has become part of the internet, game consoles and the movies. It’s popularity isn’t going to diminish as is seen in the number of people willing to spend their time and money in enjoying animated sex online. Censors have been trying to pass laws to prevent things from getting out of hand, but it seems they face an uphill struggle to contain the popularity and success of what people want.

So if you have an interest in living in a virtual 3D world where you can play the role of a swinging hipster, or you prefer watching animated beings perform acts from the Kama Sutra, then you won’t have to look hard to find it. Even if you don’t go looking for it, 3D animated sex is bound to pop up in your local cinema anytime soon. Just remember not to take the children!

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